Find out what you risk for breaching GDPR regulations

The highest fines for breaches of GDPR concerned the publication of data by the largest companies. These amounted to almost €50 million. Surely none of us would want to find ourselves in such a situation. If you want to know what are the current fines for breaching GDPR regulations, then be sure to read this article.

Highest penalties for breaching GDPR regulations

Probably not many of you are familiar with the Privacy Affairs website? It contains detailed information on the number and amounts imposed on companies that have breached GDPR. All data includes closed cases from EU member states. If you look there, you will certainly be shocked by the financial sums quoted. This is a good warning for those who consider sharing someone’s personal data.

Since the implementation of the 2018 GDPR Regulation, the total amount of fines counts for €293,830,537. As we can guess, the largest amount was paid by Google. The penalty was quite severe and amounted to €50 million. Specifically, it concerned the lack of information about the processing of personal data. This shows us that it is not worth to risk and unnecessarily publish photos, videos or other files with someone’s personal data. We may face the same consequences. In addition to the above amounts, the biggest fines went to large companies, which we are probably all familiar with:

  • H&M Hennes & Mauritz – €32,258,708
  • TIM – €27 800 000
  • British Airways – €22 046 000
  • Marriott International – €20 450 000

Of course, corporations and large companies are the most vulnerable at this point. However, private individuals can also be penalised. The highest fine in Poland for breaking the GDPR regulations is 40,000. The amount certainly makes us dizzy. How can such fines be avoided? It is sufficient to remember to anonymise photos, videos or other files that contain certain personal data. This includes blurring faces or deleting number plates. enables you to do this. Find out why you should use this solution!

Image and video anonymisation This is the easiest way to avoid hefty fines for breaching GDPR regulations. What is photo anonymisation? This technique implements covering up certain personal data on a photo or video. With this useful tool, we can easily blur someone’s face or number plate. It is an automatic software that allows you to anonymise your photos without a limited number of added files. Isn’t that great? We save a lot of time with this simple and quick operation. We can spend it with peace of mind on an outing with the family.


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