How to blur the face on video?

When sharing any files online, we should anonymize them first. With the introduction of the GDPR regulations in 2018, all data that makes it possible to recognize and link it to a person is subject to protection. Although they do not differ from the previous regulations of the law that existed before this regulation, the penalties for breaking it have been increased. Only data such as name, address or telephone number are not subject to data protection. A company email that includes a name or a distinctive car in a small town combined with an address are also subject to data protection, as they provide information about a specific person that we are able to identify and distinguish from other people.

What is video anonymization?

We are obliged to anonymize video in any situation where the sharing of a video online would involve a violation of personal data. Let’s imagine a rather absurd situation – we share a video from our holidays online, with other people visible in the background. As it turns out, the man in the video is a husband who has secretly travelled to the other end of the country to meet his daughter or, what’s worse, his lover. The wife saw the video and the owner of the image found out about it. In such a situation, we will be the ones who face the greatest consequences, because we accidentally shared the image of a third party and another person close to them was able to recognize the image. This is against all legislation and the person who shares such a video may face considerable legal consequences.


Why should you blur the face on the video?

In order to avoid any legal consequences, all you need to do is anonymize video, i.e., get rid of all the information from it that helps recognize individuals. comes to our aid – software using which we can automatically anonymize video ourselves and thus avoid legal consequences. Video anonymization is also particularly important for companies that have video surveillance installed within their building. Storing such a large amount of personal data requires blurring faces and license plates. As you know, any surveillance data is not data that is cared for with the most special attention and you do not hire a dozen security guards to protect it. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about proper video anonymization and not exposing yourself to any financial losses associated with violating GDPR.

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