How to become an interior designer?

Do you want to become an interior designer? Read what it involves and how to become one. Find out what factors determine an interior designer’s salary.

What is the job of an interior designer?

An interior designer is involved in designing rooms. They plan everything down to the smallest detail, adjusting: colours, patterns, decorations, furniture, lighting, textiles. When designing a space, they need to get to know the person they are designing for, as they may have different tastes, ideas or needs. Therefore, in this work, contact with the client is very important, it should be a partnership. A contract is also important, in which the rules of cooperation should be described in detail. An interior designer should also follow the latest interior design trends, look for inspiration and broaden their competence.

What is an interior designer’s job like?

The work consists of a preliminary design, which must be accepted by the client in order to be executed. After its approval, the interior designer’s work is not finished. They will often work with a number of professionals to carry out the design. The scope of the designer’s work is agreed with the client.

How to become an interior designer?

One way to be an interior designer is to finish a course of study – interior architecture. This profession does not have legal regulations that require graduation from a specific course. It can also be a course of study such as architecture or fine arts. An aesthetic sense, creativity, listening skills, ingenuity and spatial imagination are important. An interior designer does not need to graduate from university, but can become one by completing an interior design course. You should also check out the arch viz course, thanks to which you can learn how to make photorealistic renderings of interiors and buildings, as well as learn how to use professional software for 3D and 2D graphics.

How much does an interior designer earn?

You are surely wondering how much an interior designer earns. This depends on a number of factors, first of all whether they have their own business or are employed on a permanent basis. Other factors include what location they work in, whether it is a large city or a small town. Each project is priced individually, taking into account the size of the rooms and the time needed to complete the work. The interior designer first carries out a conceptual design and then an interior design and sometimes provides author supervision.




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