Is it worth buying aluminum windows?

The development of new technologies and the growing demand for solid and aesthetically pleasing windows has led to an increasing selection. The modern market offers not only different shapes and styles, but also innovative materials from which windows are made. The most commonly chosen and widely known windows are PVC and aluminum windows.

Disadvantages of aluminum windows

There are no perfect products, so aluminum windows also have disadvantages. However, they are not significant enough to require abandoning the choice of aluminum joinery. The metal used to make aluminum windows conducts heat, so a drop in temperature outside causes the windows to cool down. Another drawback of aluminum windows is their high price, due to the fact that windows are usually custom-made and have non-standard shapes. However, the customization of ordered products, the high quality of materials used, and durability make the price of aluminum windows completely justified.

Advantages of aluminum windows

However, the number of advantages of aluminum windows far outweighs their disadvantages. Aluminum windows are more durable than PVC windows, which means they do not get damaged during transport. They are also more resistant to weathering and do not corrode. Maintenance of aluminum windows is quick and easy – simply wipe them with a cloth soaked in detergent, and they will reward you with durability and an unchanged appearance for many years. In addition, all aluminum windows are characterized by high tightness, providing good thermal insulation. Some types of aluminum windows are also equipped with a narrow profile, helping to maintain the desired room temperature. Debesto, a company exporting joinery abroad, offers high-quality products from Polish manufacturers.

Which aluminum windows to choose?

Aluminum joinery is perfect for windows with large surfaces, including balcony windows, as aluminum is lightweight, rigid, and highly durable, allowing it to support large and heavy glass without damaging the frame. Aluminum windows are dedicated to lovers of simplicity due to their minimalist and classic design. If the natural shade of aluminum seems too boring, Debesto offers painting aluminum windows in any color. It is also worth choosing the width of the profile and windows with the possibility of installing a mosquito net yourself.



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