Can license plates be effectively blurred?

In the age of the Internet, anyone can gain access to content published by others, which is why being anonymous in the modern world is becoming increasingly difficult. In order to protect one’s image and personal data, new solutions have been sought. One of them is blurring license plates.

Reasons for blurring license plates

The main reason for blurring license plates is the introduction of EU regulations protecting the privacy of individuals. GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, requires people who have access to other people’s personal data to inform them about the use, collection, and processing of that data. Failure to comply with these rules is equivalent to breaking the law, and people whose data has been used have the right to demand compensation.

Blurring license plates is particularly important on social media, as it helps protect against various dangers. Based on license plates, thieves and fraudsters can obtain information about your place of residence and other personal data. Persecutors and hackers also use data from license plates.

Blurring license plates – methods

There are many methods of blurring license plates, depending on the place of application. To blur license plates in photos, images, or graphics for personal use on Android phones, one can use point blur or various types of stickers. We also often use specially designed applications or graphic programs such as GIMP or Photoshop for this purpose.

Blurring license plates in video recordings is possible thanks to dedicated tools that are part of software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. A good option is also to use video and photo editing programs such as Wondershare Filmora Video Editor or VSDC.

The most effective method of blurring license plates

However, using these programs is not always effective because blurring or obscuring a portion of a photograph or film on which a license plate is located usually leads to blurring of other parts of the image that should be clear.

Therefore, we have software such as Gallio to help us, which is 98% effective in blurring license plates. It has a free version, so anyone can enjoy precisely blurred photos and videos.



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