How to cover the license plate of a car in a photo?

Anonymity on the internet has almost disappeared. Millions of algorithms, robots and programs that store and process our data never sleep, meaning that our data is processed all the time. If you want to hide your identity online in any way, it sometimes takes a little more effort. However, it’s not impossible, and software for blurring license plates and faces in photos comes to the rescue. It will effectively protect our car from the unwanted people.

Why should license plates be hidden in photos?

Blurring license plates when sharing photos online will protect them from being misused or recognized. If you upload a photo of your car online and don’t want anyone to find it through the license plate, it’s a good idea to blur such data, especially if your car is relatively unpopular. Meanwhile, companies that have a wide fleet of cars, thanks to the anonymization of plates, do not expose themselves to forgery.


How can someone use our license plates?

The easiest way for someone to take advantage of our license plates is simply to forge them. Unregistered cars, without valid insurance and inspections, with fake plates will be simply impossible to find. When photo radar takes a picture, the person who used our plates in their car will avoid any legal consequences, which will fall on us. This method is most often used for companies whose fleet of cars usually revolves around vans, most of which are very similar looking. Criminals usually choose companies that are several hundred kilometers away from their location, so that it is impossible for the company to find them.

Covering the license plates in the pictures – summary

Gallio is an efficient program that will help you permanently blur the data on your photo. The software automatically recognizes the license plate and won’t miss any part of it. If we don’t want anyone to recognize our car or use our data inappropriately, it’s worth thinking about anonymizing license plates. After all, people on the street will know how our car looks like, but we don’t need to provide this information to the internet community. In this way, it will be more difficult for them to distinguish the right car without knowing the license plate numbers.

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