Which windows are better – plastic or aluminium?

The answer to this question is relatively difficult, as the durability of a window is affected by many factors, such as weather conditions and regular cleaning and maintenance. Aluminium is a more durable material and is likely to last longer compared to plastic if properly maintained. Plastic may seem like a cheaper option, but it is made of a less durable material that can deteriorate faster. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Difference between aluminium and plastic windows

Aluminium is a more expensive material than plastic, which retains heat more poorly, but is more durable. Plastic windows are generally cheaper and have better insulation, which means they keep heat inside the room better, but they are also more flexible and easier to keep clean. Plastic is not as good a material as aluminium, but it can be a nice option if your home requires frequent window replacement, as it can be installed without removing the old window frames. Ultimately, the choice between the two materials will depend on your budget and priorities regarding durability or cost-effectiveness of the project.

Which windows should I choose?

This is an important question because our living comfort depends on the choice of windows. If we opt for aluminium windows, we can choose much larger glazing for them than for the plastic ones. However, they are not only more expensive to buy, but also to maintain, as a possible repair can amount to a price similar to the purchase itself. Plastic windows are cheaper, but also less resistant to the external factors. They are not as durable, but their purchase and repair price is much lower than aluminium windows. It all depends on comfort, preference and the budget you want to achieve when buying windows.

Which windows are better? Summary

The choice between plastic and aluminium windows can be difficult, as both types of window have their advantages and disadvantages. Before making a final choice, it is also worth paying attention to the sound insulation of the windows and the exact heat transmission parameters. Everyone has different expectations towards the windows to be installed, therefore, if making a choice causes a problem, it is worth to consult your concerns and requirements with a specialist, who will advise what windows to opt for, so that the final choice will be perfect for you.

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