Find out what you know about data anonymization

Data anonymization is simply the concealment of information that can help identify in any way the person to whom it belongs. When done correctly, data anonymization will protect our image and that of others. Sometimes it is enough to blur the data with a correction fluid and then photocopy the given piece of paper, while other times the use of AI image anonymization software will be required, which will encrypt or delete the personal data and image. Would you like to find out how to do this? Read the tips below.


Which personal data are subject to anonymization?

When managing any personal data, one must take into account that it may fall into the wrong hands. Effective anonymization applies to information about individuals that will allow a specific person to be linked to it. In documents, personal information is the PESEL, first name, surname, date of birth or address. However, this depends on the situation, as on a staff list personal data may relate to education or position held. When forwarding any documents containing personal data, all information that could identify the person should be removed from them. In the case of photographs or videos and sound recordings, the voice, the image and its individual elements are anonymized. This means that covering only the eyes will not be anonymization in every case.

Why should data be anonymized?

The main purpose of anonymization is to protect data and the image that could be used in the wrong, or even illegal, way. The anonymization of our image and the data by which anyone can identify us will also protect us and our close ones from the use of our image by various sites on the Internet, such as social networks, where we can easily share our image and thus make our data available to others.

How to anonymize data properly?

Data anonymization, as we mentioned earlier, can take place using the simplest solutions, such as data blurring, while at other times AI image anonymization software will be necessary. Gallio’s software will allow us to completely cover up our image visible in photos and videos, which could be used by others to our disadvantage.

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