How video and photo anonymisation software works?

In the modern world, we increasingly want to protect our own and others’ privacy. Find out what is anonymisation and how software for anonymisation works. Learn when you should anonymise video and photos.

Video and photo anonymisation – what is it?

Video and photo anonymisation involves the automatic covering of a person’s face in a video or photo. It will eliminate the connection between the person and their personal data. This process ensures that the person cannot be identified afterwards, which is very important if you want to publish the video or photos online. The same applies to car number plates, which are blurred using, for example, graphics software. Our privacy and that of others is very important, so we must protect it.


How to automatically anonymise video?

One way to automatically anonymise is to use software available at The process is effective, quick and accurate. It involves hiding the face by applying a strip at eye level or blurring the entire face. In this way, the identity of the person in a public space cannot be recognised.


Video and photo anonymisation process – when is it required?

Are you wondering when you should cover the faces of the people in your photos or video? The anonymisation process should be applied when you have a video that you want to share and you do not have the consent of the people in it to publish their image.


Dissemination of third-party images

No one can disseminate a person’s image without their consent. An exception to this rule is if the person is well-known or, for example, the person on the photograph forms a part of a whole – in other words, when the person is present, for example, on a public ceremony or gathering.


Surveillance footage and anonymisation

In the case of surveillance footage, for example, from companies, housing communities, institutions, it should not be shared with anyone if the process of anonymisation was not applied. Often, people ask for the recording to be shared in order to check something. If you want to share the footage with this person, you need to anonymise the other people who are present on the recording. If you do not know how to do this, you can contact companies that provide this service. In the case of anonymisation, do not forget about the GDPR regulations that must be respected. You should familiarise yourself with them.

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