Aluminium windows in a conservatory – how to let a little bit of nature into the interior?

A conservatory is a special structure made mainly of two materials – aluminium and glass. Aluminium windows used in the design of such constructions are an ideal solution. They are lightweight and allow creating large glazed areas. A beautiful glazed living room or a sunny dining room is the perfect way to let a little bit of nature into your interior!

Why you should choose aluminium rather than uPVC windows for conservatories?

Conservatories require very large glazing in their design. Aluminium windows are more popular among architects working on these types of projects. Aluminium, compared to uPVC, is definitely lighter and at the same time very rigid. It is also a completely rust-resistant material and is well suited to very large glazing. These two key arguments therefore speak in favour of their choice in conservatory design.

Moreover, aluminium windows are the ones used in modern office buildings, public buildings or shop windows. With a focus on modern design and bold projects, these windows satisfy the builders and architects of contemporary homes.

Building a conservatory – what you should know?

You already know that aluminium windows are the best solution when building a conservatory. Now it is time to focus on the other aspects of this project. When thinking about building such a conservatory, various questions arise. Does the construction require a permit? Will such a glazed space be subject to heat loss? The answer is a simple NO, both in terms of permission and heat loss!

You do not need a permit to build a conservatory. A notification to the competent authority is sufficient to construct a garden with a maximum area of 25 square metres. This applies to both free-standing conservatories and those built on an existing terrace. As far as heat loss is concerned, you also have nothing to worry about – provided that the conservatory is properly designed and built using high-quality components. By choosing high-quality aluminium windows, the room will be able to store heat. This is why conservatories are becoming so popular in modern homes, where energy efficiency is of the utmost importance.

Not only are conservatories beautiful at any time of year, but they also allow you to increase the usable area of your home. That’s why those connected to the living or dining rooms are particularly popular. But what if you can’t afford to build such a structure? An alternative to typical conservatories can be spacious aluminium windows with large glazing. With such a solution, you can also let a little bit of nature into your interior.


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