Anonymising personal data in your company. Check out the best solutions!

Technological advances are an integral part of everyday social life. Modern techniques make it easy to alter photos or blur out personal information. Every company has a large number of photos or videos promoting its activities. If you want to remove personal data yourself, you need to take some time to do so. Today, anonymisation of personal data is the right way to ensure that your data is stored securely, due to GDPR regulations. Check out how the photo anonymisation process works and find out why we need to erase personal data.

Face blurring on a large number of photos

Due to the GDPR regulation, every company is obliged to protect the personal data of its employees. The penalties for breaking the regulations are enormous. In order to avoid a possible misunderstanding, it is advisable to erase the personal data appearing in various published files. Current technologies allow us to remove imperfections ourselves, blurring faces or personal data that is not allowed to be published. One such solution is, which uses identification algorithms.

This is an extremely useful software that helps to automatically cover faces or remove number plates. The process is not complicated, nor do we have to spend a fortune to implement it. Therefore, it is worth considering, if only for the sake of complying with GDPR regulations.

Anonymisation process

Erasing personal data on a large number of files is a very time-consuming activity. Sometimes in offices or companies one person has to take care of all the activities. Today, anonymisation of personal data is helpful and allows to carry out this process using various methods.

Anonymising a single file is not a complicated procedure. Problems arise in the case of more personal data. It is worth using the indicated tool here. The programme automatically covers faces or carries out the registration itself, performing photo anonymisation. In this way, we comply with all the regulations of GDPR by adding personal data to the corporate computer. How to do this?

All you need to do is open the file window in the programme, select the target folder, mark the target photos you want to be processed and confirm. You can easily process several hundred photos at once. We can be sure that not a single one will be missed and we will thus save time. As you can see, this is a very useful tool, especially for large companies.


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