Which windows to select for a passive house and where to find them? Choose Debesto!

Manufacturers of window joinery outdo each other in their designs to satisfy the current market. With the emergence of passive houses, the investors’ awareness has also increased and they meticulously verify the parameters. PVC windows are still the most popular ones, but more and more architects are turning to aluminium frames in their designs. This is mainly due to modern construction projects with large glazings. Aluminium windows therefore perform best in this role. Debesto, as the largest joinery broker, guarantees an extensive selection of systems from top European brands. When choosing windows for a passive house, special attention should be paid to the insulation parameters!

Heat transfer coefficient and available systems from Debesto

In passive house designs, the low heat transfer coefficient plays the most important role. This is a mathematical calculation of the amount of heat energy escaping through a building’s thermal barriers (e.g. windows). Windows with a poor coefficient take heat from the interior, conduct it through the barrier and return it to the outside. Passive houses usually use windows with a rate of at least 0.8. Recently, however, the Uw rate has been tightened even further and has reached a level of 0.9 W/m²K! Manufacturers do their best to meet the changing standards and provide the best products. When looking for high-quality joinery, it is worth choosing such solutions that provide us with a wide range of possibilities. That’s why joinery brokers, who offer a much larger selection of window systems in one place, are becoming increasingly popular. Debesto is one of the solutions that represents the largest resource when it comes to offering the most popular brands in Europe.

Modern design and large glazing in passive houses

Innovative house designs are very different from those from a decade or two ago. Today, we opt for modernity, increasingly going for raw design. This is why aluminium windows, which provide a lightweight yet very rigid structure, are so popular. Thanks to them, it is possible to create very large window displays so typical of modern construction. The innovative technology of top European manufacturers also allows the use of aluminium windows in passive houses. To choose the best windows for a passive house, it is worth checking the Debesto offer. Among the window joinery you will find a wide range of systems in both aluminium and uPVC versions.

Debesto will help you select windows, roller shutters, gates or doors that meet all the standards for passive house projects. You will find everything needed for your design in one place!

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