What is worth knowing about anonymizing license plates?

Anonymization is an activity that everyone has surely heard of. Read what anonymization of license plates is all about.

What does anonymization involve?

Anonymization involves making it impossible to match individual information to a specific person. A person cannot be identified on their basis. Data can be anonymized, as well as video, photos or license plates. Special software has been developed that provides effective and automatic anonymization – check out more information at gallio.pro.

Anonymization – what you should know?

Anonymization is also required by law in some cases, as identity protection is very important. You have certainly heard of GDPR, that is, the General Data Protection Regulation. It deals with the protection of personal data as well as image, since it is analogous in nature.

Anonymization – what does it cover?

Personal data, such as name, surname, address, are subject to anonymization in a way that will not allow the person in question to be reached. Another example is covering or blurring the face on the footage so that the person in it cannot be recognized. Photographs and car license plates are also subject to it.

Anonymization of license plates – what does it involve?

Anonymization of license plates involves covering up, blurring the plates so that they become unreadable and thus the car cannot be identified. License plates can sometimes be personal data.

How to cover license plates on your car?

You can cover up the license plate on the photo using the graphics software. You need to select the area you want to cover and, depending on the software, blur the area where the license plate is located. You can also use a special app, by which you can easily hide the license plate.

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