Architectural visualizations – how important is your own portfolio?

Any profession or occupation related to art – from photography to architecture, modeling or computer graphics – is generally associated with accumulating one’s portfolio. This is the best way to store and show the world your works and artwork, observe your own progression, gain experience and develop. A portfolio can safely be called a kind of business card of any artist.

What is a portfolio?

It used to be that a portfolio – that is, a collection of works, past achievements in a given creative industry – was kept and presented mainly in physical form. Today, in the modern era, very often such collections are also presented in the virtual world – on one’s website, blog or social media. Is an up-to-date portfolio important? Definitely. It allows you to attract new clients and it is also a kind of summary of the works done so far, as well as a preview of what we can expect when establishing cooperation with a given contractor.

Should a professional computer graphic designer own a portfolio?

The profession of computer graphic designer most definitely qualifies as one in which one’s own good and eye-catching portfolio is at a premium. It can include finished graphic designs, 3D animations and visualizations, links to websites, banners or even computer games made by you. It’s a great way to build a base of your own accomplishments and present to the world the works you are most proud of.

Build your portfolio with VizAcademy

Using the useful and professional courses organized by VizAcademy, you can not only learn new skills and gain experience in the broadly defined computer graphics industry, but also create new works and add them to your existing portfolio. Learning takes place in state-of-the-art graphics software, such as 3ds Max. The trainees’ finished works can also be found on their website, which can be a great way to make a name for you and become known in the industry. 3Ds max portfolio will include finished works in the field of 3D graphics, objects, animation and moving visualizations. It’s a great way to showcase yourself and stand out from the competition, as well as start your adventure in this industry – whether it’s purely a passion and a great way for someone to spend their leisure time creatively or a way to take a career path.


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