What is the characteristic of aluminium windows from Poland?

Windows can be made of various materials. The most frequently choosen are the wood or plastic ones, but less popular aluminium windows from Poland can be a good alternative. Why are they worth buying?

Aluminium windows – perfect for wide glazings

Aluminium windows from Poland are distinguished by the highest stability, strength and rigidity among all types of windows. That’s why the investors choosing the aluminium windows can implement large-format glazing – patio and balcony windows as well as corner windows and conservatories. This solution works especially well in modern buildings, where large aluminum windows from Poland are characterized by high aesthetics. The decorativeness of aluminum windows from Poland has also been influenced by the freedom in the choice of shapes – you can order square, rectangular and even arched or round ones.

Energy-efficient aluminium windows from Poland

Aluminium windows from Poland are warm and have good thermal conductivity properties. Their energy efficiency is influenced by the multi-chamber construction – nowadays cold single-chamber windows are no longer used. In this type of windows the spaces between the panes are filled with argon gas and warm edge spacers separate the individual panes. In addition, in the central chamber of the aluminum profiles, special isolation washers are used, made of glass fiber-reinforced polyamide or insulating foam, which significantly increase the thermal parameters of windows.

Easy in care and resistant aluminium windows

Aluminium windows from Poland are almost completely resistant to changing weather conditions, corrosion and deformation. They do not alter their properties due to exposure to long-term moisture and sunlight. Aluminum joinery does not overgrow with fungus, moss and mildew. They do not require maintenance like wooden windows. They can be treated with a variety of detergents. Minor dirt can be cleaned using water and dishwashing liquid. Moreover, such windows may be treated from time to time with substances used for car bodies. However, acids, cleaning agents, abrasives and solvents that could damage the surface of aluminum profiles should not be used when cleaning this type of windows.

Aesthetics of aluminium windows

A major advantage of aluminium windows from Poland is the variety of their shape and color choice, as almost any shape and color can be ordered from the window manufacturer. It is also worth to mention aluminium windows with woodgrain finish coatings, which should please those with more classic taste.

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