What’s the future of architecture? A few words on trends

The main highly-visible trends in the modern architecture are: ecology, energy efficiency, climate neutrality of construction and sustainable design. These features of modern architecture are plain to see – we more often put quality above quantity.

What is ecological design?

Real estate is responsible for consuming 40% of global CO2 emission and 36% of global greenhouse gas emission. That’s why it is so vital for architects and construction industry to make a genuine effort in counteracting climate changes. Their actions would contribute to lowering these rates. An important term in this context is decarbonization, i.e., building houses with precisely scheduled life cycle (from the project, through usage, to future demolition).

What is sustainable design?

The building should be designed in such a way that its construction and operation are sustainable from all angles. It refers to all the costs of the following aspects – construction, usage and materials. This last element should be of natural origin, as well as be recyclable.

Sustainably designed buildings are: water efficient, energy efficient, eco-friendly and they are part of the concept of 15-minute cities.

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The vital role of technology in design

Soon, the architects will use the modern technology more often: 3D visualizations, virtual tours or software for creating digital models of designed buildings (digital twin).

Thanks to the technological developments, it is possible to fully understand the true costs related to construction of a building, its usage and utilization.

What is an urban renewal?

An increasing number of mixed-use developments will appear on the market. This type of development is created by revitalized buildings and their advantages are good location, as well as the fact that these sites… will gain a new life.

Nowadays, the well-being of the residents is equally important to the well-being of their environment and nature which should come first.


Foto: unsplash.com