What is anonymization of videos and photos?

We are increasingly aware of protecting our privacy, which is very important to us. Find out what is video and photo anonymization. Read why anonymization is so vital.

What is anonymization?

Anonymization is the removal of links between personal data and the person to whom it belongs. This action prevents the subsequent matching of information that would identify the person. Photos and videos can be anonymized, thanks to special software – learn more at gallio.pro.

Anonymization – what you should know?

Anonymization is primarily intended to ensure the security of information. It can involve transforming or covering up data about a person. There are several methods of anonymization, depending on the data it is supposed to hide. With anonymization, it is not necessary to obtain permission to process the data or image of, for example, the person in the recording. Data that has already been anonymized can be used for other purposes.

Anonymization of video – what does it involve?

Anonymization of video involves using a blurring effect to make it impossible to recognize faces in public space. This involves placing a band at eye level. There may also be other techniques that eliminate the possibility of recognizing a person.

When is anonymization of video used?

Anonymization of video is carried out using special software. This technique is not only used for personal data or faces. Thanks to it, also license plates are automatically covered. This will certainly be important for the media as well.

Anonymization of photos – what does it involve?

Anonymization of photos, as in the case of anonymization of video, is designed to prevent the identification of an individual. Keep in mind that this is an irreversible action that cannot be restored and you can’t recover the lost data! Ideally, the faces in the photos should be blurred in their entirety. Note also the characteristic features, as these can help identify the person.

Why anonymization is so important?

Technology related to facial recognition or data collection is constantly evolving. Therefore, the importance of protecting privacy and preventing identification is constantly increasing. Surely you have heard of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It is a document that provides a legal framework for the processing of personal data and speaks primarily about the need to secure data from third parties.

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