What are the aluminium windows?

Window joinery is an element of our house that we choose with the thought that it will serve us for many years. For this to happen, it is necessary to buy windows that are durable, warm and aesthetically pleasing. Besides the most popular wooden and PVC models we can also consider the choice of another type of windows – aluminum. What are their characteristics and properties?

Window joinery made of aluminium dominates mainly in public buildings, while in the housing construction it is not as popular. This does not mean, however, that they are not worthy your attention – it is characterized by many properties that may influence your decision to choose this type of windows.

The advantages of aluminium windows

The basic advantage of aluminium is its lightness and durability. This makes window frames less susceptible to damage in comparison with the frames of PVC and wood. They also do not change their size due to temperature changes. Plasticity and susceptibility to forming of aluminum makes it possible to form windows of various unusual sizes and shapes, such as trapezoid. This same property affects the fact that the window profiles can be narrower and thus it determines the aesthetic appearance of the windows, making them appear slimmer, while also having a larger glazing area. In addition, narrow profiles optically enlarge even small aluminium windows. It is also worth mentioning that aluminium frames can be much wider and allow for embedding even exceptionally large and heavy glazing.

Aluminum windows are also protected against corrosion by anodizing or powder coating. In the latter case, we can choose any color of profile finish. Aluminium windows are also a good heat insulator, as the latest thermal insulation materials are used in their construction. They also cause no problems in care, do not require maintenance and, in addition, the metal elements are almost 100% recyclable.

The disadvantages of aluminium windows

Like any other windows, aluminum windows are not perfect as well. Firstly, their metal parts are cold while touching. Secondly, a damaged or scratched frame is not suitable for renovation or repair, but only for replacement. Despite using thermal insulation materials, they are not as good heat insulators as traditional wooden or PVC windows. They are also much more expensive than them, because they are made to order according to individually taken measurements. Their price additionally increases with non-standard parameters, such as shape or type of finish.

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