Publicising people’s images online – what do you need to know?

Find out what you need to remember when making a third-party image public. Above all, you should know that your image is legally protected, so it is worth familiarising yourself with copyright law.

What is an image?

An image is a representation of a person, for example: in a photograph, a painting, a film or a drawing. The forms in which it is presented can vary and they allow a person to be identified. It is also important to note that an image is also personal data that allows a person to be identified. The person whose image is disseminated must give their consent, which can be submitted in writing. An exception to this rule is when it is a well-known person. The second exception is when a person’s image is published as a detail of a whole, for example, the person may be present at a public event.


Video surveillance – what is it?

Video surveillance involves observing the environment using CCTV cameras. It is widely applied, for example, in schools, companies or shopping centres. The main purpose of video surveillance is to ensure safety and protect property.


Image dissemination and anonymisation

The image of individuals present in a place where there is monitoring cannot be disseminated. The footage can only be made public if it is anonymised. This process involves covering up the face or figure by blurring it or using some other means that will not allow the person to be identified. This can be done accurately, quickly and professionally. You should check out What is important, this software retains the quality of the initial footage after blurring the face.


Anonymisation of number plates

Number plates can also be anonymised by blurring them in such a way that they cannot be read, i.e., the car cannot be identified. You should not publish photos or recordings of cars without covering the number plates, as you could face consequences. If you want to sell a car and add a photo with the car in the background where the plates are visible, it is definitely better to cover them. Although you are not obliged to cover your plates, you must do so if you want to share a photo of someone else’s car. You can also use special software to cover your car number plates.

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