Is it useful to be anonymous online?

Everything can be found on the web – from shops and auction sites, to fan base sites and social media, where we post lots of our private photos and videos. It is this last group that we have the most problems with, mainly due to a complete lack of privacy. Unfortunately, this is a problem that every Internet user sooner or later encounters and may become a victim of stalking or other harmful operations. What does online anonymity mean? Is it even possible to combine these two words into a coherent whole? As it turns out, yes. However, it requires a slight engagement.

Is it worth being a web anonym?

In the modern world of the Internet ruled by a complete lack of privacy, an increasing number of people are resisting this situation and want to opt for anonymity. It might seem impossible to remove yourself from the web, just as it is impossible to delete all your photos and videos. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

You only need to share photographs from which it will not be possible to find out the location and personal life of both the owner of the photograph and other people in it. This way, you can protect your life and health as well as guard against a great deal of adversity resulting from the sharing of particularly private photos.


How to protect the privacy of others?

A much bigger problem is faced by those for whom sharing other people’s images or, in fact, their deeds is their main commercial activity. For example, on the leading platform YouTube, there are thousands of channels aggregating content such as footage of car crashes or interviewing people who do not want to show their face. Sharing personal data online, including, for example, faces or number plates, can incur large financial penalties due to a breach of the GDPR. It is definitely worth avoiding this and processing videos and photos in such a way as to avoid being sued by the person whose image has been made public without their consent.

Automated anonymisation in compliance with GDPR – what is it, what is it used for and how does it work?

Processing a large number of photos and videos on your own is very inconvenient, especially if, for example, several thousand photos and many hours of video are to be edited. In such a situation, it is worth using artificial intelligence – This is a programme that will do all the work of erasing faces and number plates from recordings and photos on its own, without your work or the necessity to learn how to use image processing programmes. It is an excellent solution for content creators who create compilations of, for example, accidents or encounters with bystanders, where you need to remove their faces and other information, as making them public could be a significant breach of the GDPR. The programme removes sensitive information by blurring it in such a way that it is basically completely impossible to read the plates or facial features.

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