Could sharing photos and videos with a visible number plate be dangerous?

In modern times characterised by intensely developing technologies, we must pay attention not only to the benefits that we can derive from them, but also, unfortunately, to the dangers they pose. Cyber attacks, stealing of confidential data and identity theft are among the hottest topics right now. Therefore, we need to be very careful if we share our private photos and videos online. What information in particular needs to be protected? One of these is certainly our car number plates.



Why you should not share a car number plate?

Unfortunately, through the number plate of a car, other private information can also be easily accessed – above all the vehicle owner’s home address. It is very important to blur number plates as this protects your own (or another person’s) identity and prevents key data from falling into the wrong hands. Such procedures are particularly important now, after GDPR became affective.


What are the risks of illegal use of a person’s number plate?

Unfortunately, if the number plates are stolen by thieves or other potentially dangerous individuals, the owner may become a victim of identity theft, stalking and locating their residence or place of work. They may also experience harassment and solicitation, especially if one is a public figure and wishes to maintain at least a part of privacy, away from the constant attentions of fans or paparazzi.



How to protect yourself from this?

First and foremost, it is advisable to approach the subject of publishing various types of photos and videos on the Internet with great caution and a certain dose of carefulness. Often, we do not even realise how important and confidential data can be accidentally shared by publishing, for example, recordings of our holiday trips. However, you can also use special programmes and applications to quickly and easily erase unwanted and sensitive image fragments. Anonymisation software is a great way to quickly and effectively protect private data, such as your car number plates. All you have to do is upload your material and intelligent tools will accurately and automatically detect and blur number plates or faces. Such a facility is well worth taking an interest in, so that you can increase your own security or that of your customers – for example, companies and businesses.

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