How to blur faces and figures on recordings?

Do you want to share a recording online, but don’t know if you can? Read when you should disguise third-party images in recordings. Find out how to do this.


Can a recording be made available online if there are third parties on it?

It is important to know that when you record third parties, e.g., in a situation where they are not participating and you make such a recording available, you may face consequences. Consent is required for the dissemination of the image of the person who appears, e.g., on the recording or on the photograph. Consent is not required to publicise the image of a person who is well-known to the public or when the person forms part of a whole, e.g., being present at a public event or gathering.


What can I use to hide the image of others?

If you want to publicise a recording and you want to exclude the possibility of identifying the people who are present on it, you can use graphics software to do this. You can certainly find information on how to do this on the Internet. If it is a larger number of recordings or photos, it is definitely worth using special software. Check it out at This software allows you to quickly and accurately achieve a satisfactory result. Remember that image protection is very important and in the modern world we are increasingly paying attention to protecting not only our own image, but also that of others.


How can I disguise third parties who are visible in the footage or photo?

The image of individuals can be disguised by blurring the face or figure. This is a process that is known as anonymisation, which means making a person unidentifiable. Anonymisation can apply to personal data, the image visible in photographs as well as in recordings. The process also applies to car number plates, when, for example, you want to share a photo that shows a car with visible number plates, the plates need to be covered up. If you are the owner of the car from the photo, you are not obliged to do this, but it is better to cover them up in order not to risk unpleasant consequences.


Surveillance footage – are they available to everyone?

If you wish to obtain the surveillance footage, you must submit an appropriate request to the administrator. If the only person visible on the recording is the one requesting it, you can give it to them without making any changes. However, if there are other people on it, their image must be blurred in such a way that they cannot be identified.

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