How can I blur the number plate in a photo?

Nowadays, pictures with various cars are often used. They mostly appear in Internet articles. Surely many of you are wondering how to quickly blur such a number plate. Today, our small guide on how to anonymise an image file comes to the rescue. Check it out and find out the details of the technique yourself.

The GDPR regulation, which came into effect in 2018, specifies all the necessary data protection details, including number plates. Regarding this particular example, we should remember to blur such details in the photo. We may face hefty fines for breaking the regulations. It is better to avoid such problems.

Currently, number plates can be found on various social networks, auction sites or local media. When publishing various files, we should comply with GDPR regulations and think about blurring personal data with the help of photo anonymisation, for which the tool is useful. Automatic anonymisation speeds up the process of deleting number plates on several photos at once. We can upload up to several hundred photos and specific personal data will be automatically deleted.

Unfortunately, if we publish a photo with a visible number plate, we are clearly violating our data protection law. Obviously, this procedure can be omitted in case of a car owner. It often happens that we want to sell our car on OLX or Allegro. If we publish a photo with our own number plate, we have nothing to worry about. The same applies when we share a photo of our car with the number plate on any social network. If you add the photo yourself, nothing happens. Third parties who make such a mistake have it worse.

Quick and easy method of blurring number plates

In this moment, a few readers might start thinking of simple graphics software. However, this is not the best solution when dealing with over a dozen photos at once. Blurring by yourself requires you to spend hours at the computer. To save your time, you can use a free application which will quickly perform this task.

This sensational application is the one that offers automatic blurring of number plates. The programme supports any type of file and is a safe and secure solution for us. All you have to do is download the free programme, select the photos from which you want to erase the number plates, specify the destination folder for saving these photos and click enter. By now, we all know how to do this, so let’s get started!


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