What is anonymization?

Anonymization is very important in the modern world. Read what it involves and what you should know about it. Find out what pseudonymization is.

Anonymization – what does it involve?

Anonymization is an activity that prevents the disclosure of identity. The development of technological capabilities has resulted in the collection of data in various forms (including photos and video). In order to avoid the possibility of recognizing a person, software has been developed that automatically and effectively blurs faces, not allowing the people in them to be recognized. For more information on the software, visit gallio.pro.

What is personal data?

Personal data is information that allows identifying an individual. Single clues can lead to the identification of a person’s identity when combined. To exclude this possibility, personal data must be anonymized and this process must be irreversible. Examples of such data are: first name, last name, location data or email address.

Anonymization of video

The video to be shared online should be subjected to the anonymization process. It is also important to know that there are two cases in which an entrepreneur must anonymize camera footage of employees or third parties. The first situation occurs when he wants to make the video available and does not have agreements with the people who appear in the footage. The second case is when the video is stored in the company’s archive and the company does not have the appropriate agreements signed by the people in the footage.

What does anonymization of video involve?

Anonymization of video involves the inability to recognize faces in the footage. Various types of techniques are used to achieve this, such as eye-band or a blurring effect on the entire face. Anonymization also refers to the automatic blurring of license plates, which is also vital to maintain anonymity.

Why anonymization of video is important?

It is important to store as well as share records in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Privacy is essential in today’s world, so you should be familiar with the concept of anonymization.

Pseudonymization – what is it?

It is also worth learning the definition of pseudonymization, which differs from anonymization. Sometimes the two concepts are the source of confusion. Pseudonymization involves processing personal data so that it cannot be attributed to the person to whom it belongs without using additional information. These details are stored separately so that the individual cannot be identified. Pseudonymization involves, for example, turning a name into a string of digits.

What software should every computer graphic designer know?

Modern computer graphics, which is largely based on the creation of objects and animations in 3D technology, requires the acquisition of certain skills and the knowledge of software which is most often used in this industry and without which it would be difficult to create top-level projects. Let’s find out what software is extremely vital in this profession.

3ds Max – the best software for 3D designs

One of the most popular 3D modeling and visualization software is definitely software 3ds studio max. It comes in both a free trial version – ideal for undecided people who would like to test it out first before buying the full version – as well as student and standalone versions. It allows you to create great, top-level projects, as it has advanced, yet intuitive tools and features. It can be used to create dynamic objects, animations, visualizations, virtual walks, special effects. Although it may seem complicated at first, with experience and each successive project, it starts to become extremely user-friendly, while giving a really wide spectrum of possibilities. It allows you to work accurately, yet quickly, efficiently and, of course, achieve really great results.

Other useful graphics software

Of course, a lot depends on what specifically you want to do – whether we are talking about, for example, the interior design industry, construction or computer games. Certainly among the software worth mentioning are: Corona Rendering, Adobe Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, Photoline, Corel Photo-Paint. Of course, this list is much longer. It is worth trying out different software, changing and comparing with each other from time to time, so that you will always be up to date and find the perfect software for you, with the help of which your work will become a real pleasure.

On your own or professionally?

Both the acquisition of new skills and the use of graphics programs can, of course, be learned on your own. However, this is not as simple a matter as it might seem, which unfortunately can quickly lead to discouragement. However, if for various reasons you don’t want to or can’t undertake applicable studies in the industry, online courses and training – such as those offered by VizAcademy – can be an interesting alternative. This is a very interesting option which is worth considering – conveniently, without leaving home, you can start learning completely from scratch or further polish your existing skills. What more could you possibly ask for?

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What is anonymization of videos and photos?

We are increasingly aware of protecting our privacy, which is very important to us. Find out what is video and photo anonymization. Read why anonymization is so vital.

What is anonymization?

Anonymization is the removal of links between personal data and the person to whom it belongs. This action prevents the subsequent matching of information that would identify the person. Photos and videos can be anonymized, thanks to special software – learn more at gallio.pro.

Anonymization – what you should know?

Anonymization is primarily intended to ensure the security of information. It can involve transforming or covering up data about a person. There are several methods of anonymization, depending on the data it is supposed to hide. With anonymization, it is not necessary to obtain permission to process the data or image of, for example, the person in the recording. Data that has already been anonymized can be used for other purposes.

Anonymization of video – what does it involve?

Anonymization of video involves using a blurring effect to make it impossible to recognize faces in public space. This involves placing a band at eye level. There may also be other techniques that eliminate the possibility of recognizing a person.

When is anonymization of video used?

Anonymization of video is carried out using special software. This technique is not only used for personal data or faces. Thanks to it, also license plates are automatically covered. This will certainly be important for the media as well.

Anonymization of photos – what does it involve?

Anonymization of photos, as in the case of anonymization of video, is designed to prevent the identification of an individual. Keep in mind that this is an irreversible action that cannot be restored and you can’t recover the lost data! Ideally, the faces in the photos should be blurred in their entirety. Note also the characteristic features, as these can help identify the person.

Why anonymization is so important?

Technology related to facial recognition or data collection is constantly evolving. Therefore, the importance of protecting privacy and preventing identification is constantly increasing. Surely you have heard of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It is a document that provides a legal framework for the processing of personal data and speaks primarily about the need to secure data from third parties.

What are the aluminium windows?

Window joinery is an element of our house that we choose with the thought that it will serve us for many years. For this to happen, it is necessary to buy windows that are durable, warm and aesthetically pleasing. Besides the most popular wooden and PVC models we can also consider the choice of another type of windows – aluminum. What are their characteristics and properties?

Window joinery made of aluminium dominates mainly in public buildings, while in the housing construction it is not as popular. This does not mean, however, that they are not worthy your attention – it is characterized by many properties that may influence your decision to choose this type of windows.

The advantages of aluminium windows

The basic advantage of aluminium is its lightness and durability. This makes window frames less susceptible to damage in comparison with the frames of PVC and wood. They also do not change their size due to temperature changes. Plasticity and susceptibility to forming of aluminum makes it possible to form windows of various unusual sizes and shapes, such as trapezoid. This same property affects the fact that the window profiles can be narrower and thus it determines the aesthetic appearance of the windows, making them appear slimmer, while also having a larger glazing area. In addition, narrow profiles optically enlarge even small aluminium windows. It is also worth mentioning that aluminium frames can be much wider and allow for embedding even exceptionally large and heavy glazing.

Aluminum windows are also protected against corrosion by anodizing or powder coating. In the latter case, we can choose any color of profile finish. Aluminium windows are also a good heat insulator, as the latest thermal insulation materials are used in their construction. They also cause no problems in care, do not require maintenance and, in addition, the metal elements are almost 100% recyclable.

The disadvantages of aluminium windows

Like any other windows, aluminum windows are not perfect as well. Firstly, their metal parts are cold while touching. Secondly, a damaged or scratched frame is not suitable for renovation or repair, but only for replacement. Despite using thermal insulation materials, they are not as good heat insulators as traditional wooden or PVC windows. They are also much more expensive than them, because they are made to order according to individually taken measurements. Their price additionally increases with non-standard parameters, such as shape or type of finish.